A Memorable Gift to Yourself and Others. Gain wisdom and have fun, virtually or in person!

A Sea of Wisdom, Island Proverbs - Jamaica - Color Photo Edition from Canadian-Jamaican award winning journalist and author Ingrid Walter is on sale now!

New paperback versions include colorful pictures, information about Jamaica's cuisine, a fun game anyone can play virtually or in person, and a segment on popular Jamaican proverbs found in Bob Marley’s songs.

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“I am super excited about the launch of the color photo edition of A Sea of Wisdom, Island Proverbs - Jamaica. I call it my “little but tallawah” pandemic travel companion, because "tallawah" means powerful in the Jamaican dialect. In one sentence a proverb can encapsulate centuries of experience. Proverbs offer food for the mind and soul and life lessons to live by. They make us stronger and more resilient. Ingrid Walter

A former award-winning journalist and communications specialist whose work experience spans politics, television, radio, print and e-media, Ingrid is available for Black History Month events, presentations to students, companies and organizations, print, radio, television and e-media interviews.

Suggested Topics

  • How proverbs help us build resilience and develop survival skills

  • Proverbs in Jamaican music, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Jimmy Cliff, the Itals, the Ethiopians, Culture, the Wailing Souls, Justin Hinds & the Dominoes

  • The history behind the development of Jamaica’s rich collection of commonly used proverbs and the island’s colourful dialect

“As a retired educator, I continue to appreciate the value of wise proverbs. Ingrid Walter’s ’ little book’ is replete with both studious life lessons and mirth. It was equally fun playing the elocution game and at the end we were wiser than at the beginning!” Arlene Campbell, PhD

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A Sea of Wisdom Island Proverbs - Jamaica

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Bob Marley photo by Quadraro

"What sweet nanny goat a go run im belly" (proverb from Bob Marley's song, Simmer Down)

Playing the game A So it Guh

A great way to have loads of fun with family, friends and colleagues!